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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why does the weather bring 'em out?

I MUST go on this rant. It has recently started raining here in Northern Cali. I love the rain but unfortunately, it brings the idiots to the road. I see it all the time when I drop the kids. Now this blog post is for one of my very nearest and dearest friends. She lives across the street from a school,  bless her heart. NOW- keep in mind that she is aware that there will be horendous horseshoe traffic every day. She is also aware that people will park in front of her house. We can all agree that this is a realistic expectation when living in a school zone, right? OKAY----She was NOT aware that these lazy, worthless BAD MOM's would move her garbage can every day, Park in her driveway every day, park their piece of crap car on her LAWN every day and THEN, just when you think it couldn't get any worse, they look at her stupid when she expects them to move!!! You lazy shitbags!!! I am all for waiting in the line so that you don't have to walk 4 miles to pick up the kids, but to park you car on someone's sprinkler makes you a lazy shit bag. Keep this in mind people. Someone is always watching. BTW- Let me nominate the chic from yesterday as bad mom of the week. Here she thought she was doing her kid a favor by getting him as close to the school as possible to drop him off---to keep his little fruity ass out of the rain- but instead she was teaching him that it is okay to disrespect other people's space and things if it's only for a minute and it suits your needs at the time. CONGRATULATIONS shit bag, YOU'RE the bad mom of the week!

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