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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To curse or not to curse

This is probably one of my most controversial "bad mom"  habits. I curse in front of my kids----and I am totally okay with it. I also forget to filter sometimes------FINE---- all the time, when I am around other people's kids. If that bothers them, I'm okay with that also. Honestly, I think it's gotten me out of babysitting SOOOOOOO many times that it's priceless. Here is my take on cussing in front of the kiddos. I am the authority figure. I am not your friend. I am your parent. You don't get to dictate how I run my ship because I've done my time on the "respect your elders" bus. SO THERE.Here's the other thing- I am not naive enough to think that not cussing in front of the kids is going to keep them from doing it. I PROMISE you that your kids cuss when you're not around. There are exceptions. Like when they're sleeping. Here's why I don't give a crap----as long as they respect my authority enough to watch their mouths in front of ME and other adults then I am comfortable that my kids are learning what I want them to learn. This is one of those "Other people think I am a bad mom" things. It doesn't matter if I put a home cooked meal on the table every night, if I hug them and kiss them and tuck them in, or if I work the PTA like Jillian Michaels at a Fat Camp- Someone out there has CPS on speed dial at the grocery store when I look at my kids and yell " Get your asses over here, this ain't a goddamn playground".  If you are the parent who feels that you have to behave on the same level as your kids, that's fine with me, but guess what- until you wash their shit streaked underwear or clean up their 3 am puke mess, you don't get to tell me what to do, I am grown. so suck on that. BOO-YAAAAAAH.


  1. I swear you make me laugh, while I don't make it a habit of cussing in front of my daughter I still do it, have done it when angry and will most likely do it again and I have NO FEAR that she doesn't respect me enough to watcher her snarky little mouth when I or another adult are present!!! Can we get t-shirts made with I <3 Bad Mom's!!!!

  2. Holy shizzzz this is hilarious! I stumbled upon your site and love love love. I will continue to read. I hope you will check my site out sometime as well.