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Saturday, October 8, 2011

GOOOOOOD Morning! So I am still tooling around with this whole "Blog" thing. Last night, I am sitting there chatting with my sister-in-law about the situation. The male spawn pipes up "I have friends who build web pages if you need help, mom"
My biggest issue with this entire conversation is that I considered it. I could pay one of these little skinny jeans wearing, hair's too goddamned long, 13 year olds twenty bucks to bust out my blog.hmmm...
Then what? How do I update it? How do I add? How do I learn? I Don't...well sh*t- I guess I gotta do it myself. 
It's funny how many times a day now, that I recognize funny additions for the blog- now I need a new watch (the kind that goes slower that a normal watch) so that there is enough time to post all this stuff! Hopefully I will get all "Blogger Saaaaaavvvyyy" Like the 8th graders are, and be able to take over the world, Pinky! (8th graders don't know about THAT now do they!!! Pinky and the Brain Bitches!

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