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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm starting a movement............U can join me if you want to

Yesterday, I got SUPER DUPER excited about Thanksgiving. I realized that it's only a month away and I almost went and bought the Turkeys. It's my favorite Holiday on the calendar because it's allll about food! There are no gifts expected, Turkeys go down to $5- $10 a piece, you can use butter & cream and nobody gives  a crap. *sigh* MAN, I LOVE TURKEY DAY. Then of course I start thinking ahead and remember that Christmas isn't that far away from my beloved turkey day. So much for a good mood. I started counting days til my "Good" paycheck and mapping out what bills I can put off until January so that I can afford to by each of the kids a corvette or some sh*t to top the level of presents from LAST year. Does anyone else feel this way? Like every year they get more and more crap that they don't use? SERIOUSLY, The male spawn had to have a mini laptop- It's sitting there holding up my coffee cup. That was $400 shithead!  the 3 story littlest pet shop that the female spawn HAAAAAAAD to have is buried under 3 feet of my old purses and yard sale items that she has picked up this year (that's right folks, its her favorite past time! Hours of bonding time for $5) SO-- My movement is THIS! 5 normal sized presents, each. One big present each. and I am NOT gonna feel bad. I need to lower the bar. They don't expect me to be a good mom, I am going to need them to hold the same standard for ol' St. Nick! Starting this year!

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  1. Um Now you made me feel like a Bad mom, that seems like a lot of presents LOL, This year I am buying batteries and going to attach a note that says "Toys not Included"