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Sunday, January 8, 2012

WTF is wrong with people???????

SO the other day, I am walking through one of those organic tree hugger stores that is like Whole Foods but cheaper and smaller. There's this chick, 2 kids in tow about 3 & 4, a husband who looks like he wants to drive his shopping cart right into traffic, and one little one ----ON the boob.
I have 2 problems here. 1 is that she breastfeeding the kid and then picking up fruits and vegetables like I want her boobie juice anywhere near my oranges. Im GROCERY SHOPPING DAMMIT. I Do NOT want to see that!!!!! The blanket is falling off, the kids are running around screaming (both of them have the little shopping carts), the husband is about to pull out a gun and shoot himself and there she is, content as can be.
Now, I was not a breastfeeder- Never comfortable with it no matter how much propoganda Kaiser wanted to shove down my throat about how breastfed babies are healthier and smarter and blah blah bullshit. I am STILL not comfortable with it, but I can respect that I am the exception not the rule on this one. I am creeped out by the thought that my husband enjoys them for one reason, and the kid enjoys them for a completely different reason- I choose to feed my whole family from the same place- The KITCHEN.  I don't run around the store with my boobs hanging out and I don't expect you to either I don't care WHAT they are being used for.
 Now onto my 2nd issue--- WHY are you here? Why did you feel the need to drag your entire family out to the itty bitty store and subject all of us to your madness?? You're mother must not have breast fed you because you are certainly not smarter than the average bear. Here's an idea... How about you stay home and extra 5 minutes, throw the kid on the tit while your there, THEN when he's done eating  you can go to the store and dad can stay home with your other two crumb snatchers and continue watching the football game and the rest of the world doesn't have to be subjected to your loud obnoxious kids, your bare boob and your miserable husband. This store ain't big enough for all of us.


  1. Love this and I feel the same way. Even tho I did breastfeed all my kids I NEVER once did it in public. I always made sure to boobie feed at HOME then if I needed to go anywwhere id go AFTER. I hate women who just flop their boobs out like that. And lettin their kids act like animals. Yaaa theeere you go lady show us how you obviously have no control. Sorry but if my kids even have a look on their face like they want to be a wild I knock it off before it even starts. And if they still try to start I turn around and walk out and go home. I'm fine with top ramen for dinner till you lil monkeys wanna act right. Ohh we are out of toiletpaper well you wanna act like an anima in public go crap outside like one and there's a bush with pleanty of leaves. I got my emergency roll of tp in my closet ;-) I could go on and on about this but basically I AGREE with you as always Tiff.

  2. LOVE it!!! I wish more momma's would get that through their heads! I see it allllllll the time around here-being so close to the mall, you see all sorts of moms. But the "mom Friend" is BY FAR the most popular. The "I don't want anyone to see that I am about to lose my BLEEPING MIND" mom. Lose it gurl! Lose it! They become afraid!