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Saturday, January 21, 2012

ooooooooooooooooooh-- You WORK?

DAMN I LOVE this one. The age old "working Mom vs. Stay-At-Home-Mom".  AS much as a dislike Oprah Winfrey and refuse to support any of her racist rubbish, one day I got STUCK. There was a battle of the momma's going on. I was intrigued, I couldn't look away!
 I have stayed home with my children(and wanted to shoot myself) and currently, work a more than full time job. I see both arguments. Why can't these crazy bitches do the same thing? I see them about to claw each others' eyes out and I am thinking, where the @#%$@ are your kids right NOW? Are they watching this? Can they see your judge judy, "I am better than everyone else on this stage" attitude RADIATING off of you? because I sure the hell can!!!  It's like Oprah ran out and found the WORST debaters on the planet to have this argument on her show????? Let me just tell you how I see it- take it for what you will.
Stay at Homer's: This job sucks because it never stops and it is thankless. Everyone wonders "what you do all day" and why you can't find 5 minutes to put make up on your face. You lock yourself in the bathroom from time to time to cry it out because this sh*t never stops, there is no "Friday". You are expected to constantly have playdates and the working mom down the street always thinks it should be at your house because she doesn't know what you do all day. Everyone you know thinks you have plenty of time to run their errands for them because they know that you don't have anything else to do all day--they're doing you a favor helping fill up your schedule. Your husband wants to know why dinner isn't ready as soon as he bangs his fork on the table because he cant' imagine WTF you had to do all day and why you couldn't manage to put a lick of makeup on your face. Here's the thing people, Stay at homer's have their perks but for the most part, they're entire day is at the mercy of everyone else, They have to drop off, pick up, volunteer, clean, cook, sports, lunches, homework and constantly try to prove the everyone that they actually do stay busy all day. They are at the beckoned call of the crumb snatchers because crumb snatchers are quick to rat you out  (ie: MOM!! You were supposed to wash my PINK socks for my dance RE-CI-TAL!!!! or "MOM!!!! Why didn't you sign my field trip form???") The reason that they have to do this shit? 'Cause nobody can imagine WTF they do all day...They wipe everyone's ass for them and everytime they even attempt to put make up on, it's time to take care of someone else. queue in the thankless part.

Working Momma's: This job sucks because all the judge judy PTA princesses think you're a piece of shit and you can never do anything to change that. Them, along with your mother in law, will NEVER understand why you are so selfish that you can't give up your Jimmy Choo's and MAC foundation to devote time and love to your family. Do you KNOW how many calories and chemicals are in that Chinese take out that you pick up 3 times a week and feed to your family? That cannot be healthy! You can never move up in the corporate world because even though you have worked your ass off for the past 5 years, management will always remember the time you had to leave because your kid jammed his thumb in first period. Everything that the stay at homers do all day has to be done in a 4 hour span after you get off work and your weekends are spent handling the playdates and housecleaning. Your husband is still looking for dinner and the homework still has to be checked . I wake up at 5:30 and hit the ground running. I get ready for work, make breakfast for the kids and take them to school. I get off at 6 come home, cook dinner, make sure showers are taken and homework is done, get everyone in bed and do my stuff too. I get to bed around 11ish. I appreciate the stay at home mom because I know that I can't do it. it's not for me. I don't like faking my way through a PTA meeting, I HATE volunteering as team mom and I can't watch my mouth. I've tried- curse words spew out of me like green shit from Linda Blair in the excorcist.  I am a worker and have always been a worker. I think I forged my moms' signature on my first work permit--- 'cause I was 13.  I feel worthless when I don't work which makes me worthless to everyone around me. If a stay at homer doesn't approve of me working 10 hours a day, I'm okay with that. They didn't blow these crumb snatchers out of their vagina so it's not  their problem. The flip side of that coin is that I give the stay at homers a LOT of credit. It's a tough job!  So if we could all just unite and appreciate that people are different, moms are different and we can only do what WE think is best for our family this world would be a much happier place. Embrace it! Stay at homers- our kids come to your house for cookies and hugs because the poor things, their parents are never home. Your kids come to our house before we get home from work to learn life's lessons like making pot brownies and looking at dirty magazines, because kids need space to make mistakes or learn how to make the right decisions. Both styles have their ups and downs... Ups: dirty magazines    Downs: pot brownies...teeheehee... .  My poor kids need a hug. Any stay at homers available? SHEESH, what else do you have to do all day? now I'm just pokin' atcha :0)

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