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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I have been inspired.

This weekend was a little offbeat for me. There was no hangover but there was drinking. There were no children but no events to attend and no work to do. It was me and my selfish schedule of events that only guessed it.......ME. It was beyond fabulous and I don't feel guilty.
It started with Friday off of work. I took the entire day AWAY from anything work related. Anyone who knows me, knows this is unheard of. NOW- Mind you, I haven't made it to ONE SINGLE field trip or book fair this year cause "I have to work". But give me some 6 inch roots and 8 lb. weight gain from the holidays, and all the sudden it's an EMER-GEN-CY worthy of the day off. Don't judge me.
I called my momma with the ol' "slumber party at nanny's" (that's Grandma) set up. I asked her if the kids could come over, she said;
 "Suuuuuure! Where are you kids going?" (another reason I love my momma,  she refers to me and my hubby as "Kids" still---could be based on our behavior but I'll take it...)
Me: "Not a DAAAAAMN place----Not together anyway. I am spending my weekend pretending to be rich and famous.  Although they all have live in Nanny's - we can work out the kinks later- PS: Here are their medical cards- don't call me- You know what to do" She knew--- she didn't argue, him haw, no fear of commitment to the weekend with the kids (she's a commitment phobe)- Nada. She knew that if I hadn't come up with some sort of purpose for the slumber party such as a birthday or a wedding then I MUST be a MESS. and I was.

DAY ONE: Dr. appointment, hair appointment, and nail appointment, "fast food for dinner" appointment and wine. I cancelled the Dr. appointment.... That seemed a little too responsible for the schedule that day-I just couldn't fit it in, I was way to busy and didn't want to exhaust myself

DAY TWO: Pedi, lunch, dinner and...YUP.... more wine.

DAY THREE: Shopping, facial, dinner, wine, sleep.

HOLY SHIT. That was aweeeeeeesome.
I swear ladies, we NEEEEEED to do this all the time!! OMG! Those housewives of whatever counties have it together more than we all know! No wonder those broads look amazing. (with the exception of the one's that look like they're skydiving 24/7), Hire a nanny or housekeeper whatever, just do it! take a weekend. I feel pretty and skinny and relaxed! I walked around allll weekend on my own damn schedule, swinging my purse arm everywhere I went in workout clothes and tennis shoes that look like they've never been worn. Walking across parking lots without looking for cars being totally inconsiderate and I bossed people around at a couple of front desks because I felt so fabulously bitchy. It was amazing. From now on, Thou shalt not judge the real housewives, they DO feel entitled and its an awesome feeling. It comes with the territory. Those ladies are smarter than we all think. Ask my family, there is nothing better than a momma who gets transformed into a skinny, pretty, balanced, relaxed housewife over a weekend. and I know I look waaaaaaaaaaaaaay younger. My new movement- mom's least twice a year. Do whatcha want when you want for an entire weekend. Spend one small blip in time, NOT being a mom and a wife, and all the other shit that we are 24/7, day in and day out. You'll be glad you did and you deserve it!

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